Thursday, March 3, 2011

"The Next Step in your Carpucation"

With the coming of spring also comes National Invasive Species Awareness Week, the first week of March. Staff at the Aquatic Sciences Center have taken this opportunity to educate people a bit about the ever-unpopular asian carp. An introduction to asian carp can be read in this previous blog entry. For those who are more familiar with the species, this UW Sea Grant release helps to explain information as relayed by invasive species outreach specialist Phil Moy.

Entitled "Taking Five With an Asian Carp," this article offers information relating to five surprising facts about the species. Are asian carp really bottom feeders? Do they relate to algal blooms in any way? What about those zebra mussels and quagga, is there a connection between them and asian carp? How many types of asian carp are really out there? These are all questions answered in the press release. For further reading on invasive species, see the library's recommended reading list.

Photo credit: Chris Young