Monday, November 28, 2011

Magazines, journals, newsletters, and more!

The Water Library's not just about books! Today we're checking in new issues of Science and WE&T (Water Environment and Technology), and we've got numerous other titles as well. Stop by and take a look!

Journals and Magazines
  • Journal of the American Water Resources Association
  • Scientific American
  • Science News
  • Lake and Reservoir Management
  • Journal of the American Water Works Association
  • Water Resources Impact
  • Wisconsin Trails
  • Land and Water
  • Science
  • WE&T
  • Water & Wastes Digest
  • Wisconsin Natural Resource
View our journals list for more information about these great titles. The library also holds the most recent two years of numerous newsletters. Visit our website or stop by to view the collection!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Resources: The Biodiversity Heritage Library

Next time you're looking for biodiversity literature, check out the Biodiversity Heritage Library, a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries who have worked to digitize their collections through principles of open access. Content from BHL is free to view or download. Partners include the Smithsonian Institutes, the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, the Field Museum Library, and several other institutions.

Through this collaboration, the Biodiversity Heritage Library provides texts with information on over 1,060,000 species. Click here for more information about BHL's mission and holdings.


The BHL also maintains a strong social media and Flickr presence. Interested in trout or fly fishing? Trout fly-fishing in America is just one of BHL's many sets of photos on Flickr- check out all 384 sets here!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Newly Discovered 17th Century Shipwreck

Deep Sea Productions, an underwater research team, believes that a shipwreck they recently discovered in the Baltic Sea may be a 17th century warship called Svardet. According to historical reports, Svardet sunk in a 1676 naval battle in which Sweden was defeated by a Danish-Dutch fleet. Svardet's captain went down with the ship- refusing to abandon it.

The research team is now working with Swedish Maritime Archaeological Research Institute, both to document the discovery and to make a 3D documentary about the shipwreck.

You can research shipwrecks too- without having to go all the way to Sweden or the Baltic Sea. Check out the Water Library's great collection of shipwreck materials:
For more about this recent shipwreck discovery, visit Deep Sea Productions' website.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"People of the Big Voice" Exhibit at the Steenbock Gallery

The Steenbock Gallery's final exhibit of 2011 is "People of the Big Voice," featuring photography of Ho-Chunk people by Charles Van Shaick. The photography collection comes from the Wisconsin Historical Society, and will be on display from November 7 until December 30th. This Saturday, November 12th, a reception will be held for the exhibit from 1-4 pm, free and open to the public. The Steenbock Gallery is located at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters.

Van Shaick took portrait photographs in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, for over sixty years. In addition to the exhibit, the Wisconsin Historical Society has also published a book by the same name, People of the Big Voice, by Tom Jones, Michael Schudlach, Matthew Daniel Mason, Amy Lonetree, and George A. Greendeer, featuring this photography. The book is available for purchase from the Wisconsin Historical Society. You can also check it out from the Water Library's recent acquisitions!

For more information and details, visit the Steenbock Gallery's blog.