Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review - Education and the Environment

The Water Library continuously acquires books about integrating STEM curriculum into the classroom and more generally into our work with preschool outreach. Throughout June the Aqualog will be reviewing some of the newest STEM-based curriculum books.

Education and the Environment by Gerald A. Lieberman is a forward-thinking publication designed to help educators introduce students to environmental education across subject curriculum.

Lieberman, a curriculum expert and founding director of the State Education and Environment Roundtable, provides guidance for integrating environmental education into subjects such as communication arts, mathematics, science, and history through the use of  "community investigations and service learning." Lieberman's novel approach to environmental education emphasizes connections between communities in nature and their relationship with human activities. The book provides ample information to help educators connect "academic content with local investigations" for a truly unique environmental education experience that gives students an understanding of the issues in their own communities.

Education and the Environment is available for loan at UW-Wisconsin's Water Library and can be requested online through Library Catalog.Please email askwater [at]