Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teaching all about the Great Lakes!

The library is currently researching Great Lakes teaching material for a library patron. There are so many great resources out there that might be of interest to our readers... here is just a sampling:

GREAT LAKES LITERARY PRINCIPLES: From Ohio Sea Grant, eight essential principles and fundamental concepts for Great Lakes learning which support an understanding of the Great Lakes’ influences on you and your influence on the Great Lakes. Link.

FRESH AND SALT CURRICULUM: Fresh and Salt is a collection of activities connecting Great Lakes and ocean science topics to enhance teacher capabilities for accessing science information in Great Lakes and ocean sciences. Designed to be used by teachers in grades 5-10, this exemplary collection provides teachers with an interdisciplinary approach to ensure students achieve optimum science understanding of both Great Lakes and Ocean Literacy Principles. A varied range of instructional modes is offered, including data interpretation; experimentation; simulation; interactive mapping; and investigation. Link.

NOAA EDUCATION RESOURCES - GREAT LAKES ECO-SYSTEMS: Very complete and detailed look at materials for use in teaching about the Great Lakes on a variety of topics from invasive species to hazards to watershed science.  Link.

Do you have a favorite resource? We'd love to hear about it. Just send a message to askwater at aqua.wisc.edu.