Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Big Two-Hearted River

Wisconsin Sea Grant's David Hart, along with his daughter, Madeleine, have just launched a new Google Lit Trip based on the classic short story by Ernest Hemingway, titled THE BIG TWO-HEARTED RIVER.

Google Lit Trips are simply a collection of "Placemarks" and online resources saved in Google Earth, related to a piece of literature. Once you've put a placemark at each location you can then begin embedding photos, videos, weblinks, and more in the "Properties" window of each location. There a Google Lit Trips for Kindergarteners through 5th grade, grades 6th through 8th and for high schoolers.

David and Maddie have created a lit trip based on Ernest Hemingway's short story "The Big Two-Hearted River" written in 1925. This story recounts a trout fishing trip near Seney in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It speculates on the location of Hemingway's 1919 trip to the Seney area by comparing text in the short story to analysis by Prof. Jack Jobst and weaves details about a family camping/canoeing trip on the Fox River in August 2010 with information about the science of stream ecology, entomology, and water resource management.

To learn more about Google Lit Trips, visit their website.

To explore the Harts' lit trip, start here.