Friday, November 18, 2011

Newly Discovered 17th Century Shipwreck

Deep Sea Productions, an underwater research team, believes that a shipwreck they recently discovered in the Baltic Sea may be a 17th century warship called Svardet. According to historical reports, Svardet sunk in a 1676 naval battle in which Sweden was defeated by a Danish-Dutch fleet. Svardet's captain went down with the ship- refusing to abandon it.

The research team is now working with Swedish Maritime Archaeological Research Institute, both to document the discovery and to make a 3D documentary about the shipwreck.

You can research shipwrecks too- without having to go all the way to Sweden or the Baltic Sea. Check out the Water Library's great collection of shipwreck materials:
For more about this recent shipwreck discovery, visit Deep Sea Productions' website.