Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fish Fry? Try the Great Lakes Whitefish

In Wisconsin we know that there aren't too many things better on a Friday than a tasty fish fry. Restaurants all over the state do a booming business serving up fried fish on Friday evenings. Of course there is a bit of history behind the fish fry tradition that you can read about here from UW-Madison folklorist Dr. Janet Gilmore, but what about starting your own family fish fry tradition at home?

Recently published by Michigan Sea Grant, "Wild Caught and Close to Home: Selecting and Preparing Great Lakes Whitefish" offers more than 50 recipes from credentialed chefs and whitefish specialists to help you get started making your own fish at home. For those who are interested in healthier options than frying, it also offers ideas for steaming, poaching, smoking, grilling and pickling, to name a few. It also offers a brief history of whitefish.

The Water Library is acquiring this book,  but if you just can't wait, check out these other books we have to offer on preparing fish. You can check this website for further information on Great Lakes whitefish.