Monday, March 21, 2011

How's that Madison Tap Water?

Keep drinking, there is no cause for concern at present. An article in the Wisconsin State Journal explains the recently detected presence of the contaminant chromium-6 in local drinking water, but at a level that is likely below federal health safety limits. According to the US EPA, this inorganic chemical usually comes from "discharge from steel and pulp mills or erosion of natural deposits." Chromium-6 by itself is not monitored by the EPA, but as part of the chromium whole. They may be implementing new limits for chromium-6 though because a study found that after prolonged exposure to it, some mice and rats developed cancer. Madison wells are still safe though.

For more information, read the aforementioned State Journal article, visit the EPA's Drinking Water Protection site, or browse the library's recommended reading list on Drinking Water Quality.

Photo credit: John Hart, State Journal Archive