Wednesday, March 9, 2011

National Groundwater Awareness Week

The Center for Watershed Science and Education has written four news releases in cooperation with the Wisconsin Water Resources Institute (WRI) for National Groundwater Awareness Week. The Center is part of the University of Wisconsin - Extension Cooperative Extension Service and housed in the College of Natural Resources (CNR) at UW-Stevens Point. Specifically, the Central Wisconsin Groundwater Center works with citizens and local governments throughout Wisconsin, particularly those in the central part of the state. Their website host a variety of resources that provide helpful information about groundwater issues.

This year National Groundwater Awareness week is taking place March 6th through March 12th. Raising awareness of groundwater, water beneath the earth's surface, is important because it is essential to the health and well being of humanity and the environment. In Wisconsin, groundwater provides drinking water for 70% of Wisconsin residents and 95% of communities. It also benefits lakes, streams and wetlands and helps sustain the many creatures who live there. Read the four news releases for further information.

1. Conserving Wisconsin's Buried Treasure
2. Dispelling Groundwater Myths
3. Properly Filling and Sealing Unused Wells
4. Spring is a Good Time to Test Well Water