Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Water is Quite the Molecular Party

Within fractions of a second, any amount of water, containing two molecular structures, is able to break apart and reform, frequently. There is no issue with the recently discovered tightly packed, regularly arranged, crystal lattice molecular structure reforming with the jumbled, loosely packed, blob one. These complex and dynamic bonds allow for the forming of complex organic molecules. Water molecules easily form weak bonds with other neighboring molecules to create more complex compounds. This may be the reason why so many life forms come from a wet environment.

These are just some of the discoveries of a recent study, published in full-text by The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Science Magazine also recently wrote a piece on the article called At the Smallest Scale, Water Is a Sloppy Liquid, which quotes UW Madison physical chemist James Skinner. This research has proven about water's molecular structure what other studies could only suggest.

Image Credit: Rao et al/The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.