Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cat Islands Project Update

On Wednesday, Dean Haen, the manager of the Port of Green Bay, and other key people involved in the Cat Islands project met with members of the public to discuss the Cat Island Chain Restoration Project in lower Green Bay. The meeting was to discuss a possible time-line of events and clear up questions in the community. Funding for 35% of the project, estimated to cost around $34.2 million, has been secured by Brown County, but the rest of the funding, slated to come from the federal government, has no set time of arrival. In a Green Bay Press Gazette release, Haen is quoted: "We could be doing something as early as April, or as late as 2013."

For the majority of Wednesday's meeting, presentations were heard from representatives from the port, the Corps of Engineers, the Wisconsin DNR and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Members of the public brought up a few questions referred to in the article Timeline unclear on Cat Island restoration in Green Bay. A DNR fisheries biologist present at the meeting explained the benefits the project should have on aquatic life in Green Bay.

For further information see the UW SeaGrant article on the Cat Island Chain Restoration.

Image from UW SeaGrant