Monday, October 11, 2010

EPA Promotes Lakeshore Stewardship

Scientists studying lakeshores have determined that poor lakeshore habitats have a direct relationship with a poor overall biological condition of the surrounded lake. The National Lakes Assessment (NLA) released a report earlier this year showing that while 56% of lakes are in good biological condition, nearly one third suffer from poor lakeshore habitats.

In light of these findings, EPA's Office of Water has launched a new Web clearinghouse called Lake Shoreland Protection Resources with information about protecting and restoring lake shorelands. It includes links to webcasts, fact sheets, videos and other resources. This is part of an outreach campaign to educate the public about NLA's findings.

More information for property owners is available through the Web clearinghouse or in the pdf "Shoreland Property: A Guide to Environmentally Sound Ownership." See our reading list for further reading on Coastal Community Planning & Development.

Photo of Yellow Birch Lake by Amy De Simone