Thursday, October 7, 2010

Study of the Upper Great Lakes: St. Clair River

In December of 2009, the International Upper Great Lakes Study released their summary report entitled Upper Great Lakes Water Levels: St. Clair River. This report conveyed findings from the first phase of a study of the upper Great Lakes, detailing the physical changes in the St. Clair River since 1962. Based on the findings of this study, the board recommends that no corrective action be taken in the St. Clair River at present, and that a comprehensive study be conducted to determine the need of future mitigative measures in the river due to the effects of climate change. The International Joint Commission (IJC), Canada and the United States, wrote a letter to US and Canadian government officials to inform them of the findings. The IJC also asked the committee to study what would happen to the great lakes system were the water levels in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to be raise. The final report will be due in early 2012.

Image from the Upper Great Lakes Water Levels: St. Clair River summary report.