Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens

Don't let all this rain go to waste! Rain barrels and rain gardens are just two ways Wisconsin's Water Library recommends beating the rain shower blues (and prevent flooding!).

Rain barrels are water tanks which are used to collect and store rain water runoff, typically from rooftops via rain gutters. This prevents excess rain water flooding storm sewers and water mains. Also, the collected water can be used to water plants and gardens during the drier, summer months.

If you live in Dane County and are interested in purchasing a rain barrel, Sustain Dane distributes RainReserve® Rain Barrels for a fee. Sustain Dane is a non-profit organization committed to creating communities that deeply enjoy, care for and are sustained by their unique environment. You can save money by purchasing a RainReserve® Rain Barrel at Habitat Restore's Earth Day Event on Saturday April 18th and receive $15.00 off single system or $20.00 off tandem system.

Rain gardens capture water in a shallow depression planted with vegetation that filters the water as it slowly seeps into the ground. This creates cleaner groundwater and protects our lakes and streams. To learn how to start a rain garden, check out Wisconsin's Water Library's new rain gardens reading list.

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