Friday, March 6, 2009

Look what we found in the library!

A new series brought to you by Wisconsin's Water Library, Look What We Found in the Library! Occasionally AquaLog will feature items recently re-discovered on our shelves.

Our first highlight is in honor of J. Philip Keillor, coastal engineer at UW Sea Grant for 29+ years. Found: American Lakes series of books Keillor once owned. Published in 1945, each book in the series focuses on each of the Great Lakes. Each book provides a history of the exploration and settlement of the lakes. The series describes itself as "written by scholars" but "intended for the use and enjoyment of laymen." It goes on to state, "All of the authors are competent historians, familiar with methods of historical investigation and specialists in their own particular fields of study. All have been chosen, too, for their ability to write and for their sympathetic understanding of the language and interests of common men and women. All have striven to combine the qualities of scholarly accuracy and popular interest, believing that the sober truth of American history requires no fictitious adornment and that, properly presented, it suffers from no lack of drama or of glamour."

Feel free to request any books in the American Lakes series from Wisconsin's Water Library. If you are a UW-Madison student, faculty or staff member, please request through MadCat. If you are a Wisconsin resident, please use our online book request form.