Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Seed Libraries Spread Across the Country

Though we're not offering seeds here at the Water Library, it's certainly an idea we can get behind! Seed Libraries are starting to become more popular across the country, some within community public libraries. The Richmond Public Library in Richmond, California, has seeds available for "check out." Patrons can freely take seeds, plant their own gardens, and if successful, return some of their next generation seeds back to the library. Seeds are organized by how difficult they are to grow, and the library provides classes on organic gardening and seed saving.

Corn Seed
The Pima County Public Library has a similar project, whose mission is "to help nurture a thriving community of gardeners and seed savers. In addition to providing access to free seeds, we hope to help support gardeners and seed savers, from beginner to expert, through the process of growing, harvesting, and seed savings." Their website provides extensive information about the benefits of seed saving, and how to get started.

Looking for more info? Visit Richmond Grows, or read an article about a similar library in East Palo Alto.   And of course, as you start your own garden this year, visit the Water Library! We've got a wide variety of gardening books to help you out.

Image via Family Gardens