Monday, March 19, 2012

Religion, Culture, and Water

The most recent issue of Water Resources Impact focused on "Religion, Culture, and Water," with a series of essays and articles about how different cultures approach and view water. The issue questions "How can an understanding of a people's faith help better understand their world view and water's place in that world view? Can cultures lead people to regard water with respect and care, or can they cause people to dismiss it and waste it?"

Stop by the Water Library or contact us if you'd like to access these articles from Water Resources Impact:
  • "Irrigating the Mind-Stream: Buddhism and Water" by Michelle J. Sorenson
  • "From Holy Water to Holy Waters" by Gary Chamberlain
  • "No One Eats the Fish Anymore: Tribal Reclamation of the Silvery Valley, Idaho" by Theodore N. Fortier
  • "Foundations of Hawaiian Culture and the Importance of Water" by Eric J. Fitch
Looking for further research about culture, religion, and water use? Check out our recommended reading list about Native Americans and the Environment, or contact us with other questions.