Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fish For the Future

Lately, the UW Sea Grant has been helping to generate a buzz about aquaponics, a method in which vegetables and fish are grown together in one system. The technique is also finding a place in architecture and design. Conceptual Devices has devised an bamboo aquaponics dome, hoping to make this method of food production an attractive, affordable addition to apartment rooftops. According to an article by Good, the system can feed 16 people for a year. While not for sale yet, Conceptual Devices is currently fundraising with the hopes of making mass production a reality soon.
Looking for more information? Check out UW Sea Grant's new aquaponics brochure to learn more, and don't forget to swing by their Flickr page for images of an aquaponics display at this year's Science Expeditions.

Image via Conceptual Devices