Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gardening with kids

It is summer vacation in our neck of the woods and that's got this librarian thinking about what children are up to during the lazy months of sunshine and heat. Many people are heading out their back (or front) doors to work in their gardens. And there is a movement afoot for those gardeners to bring along their children to garden. Children naturally gravitate, even at a young age, to dirt. What a better way to cultivate love of our world that to show them how to sow seeds.

If you are thinking of bringing some kids along to the garden, here a couple of websites that might be useful:

Got Dirt? (UW Extension, Brown County)

National Junior Horticultural Association

U of Illinois Extension - My First Garden

Gardening with Kids

another Gardening with Kids

Kids Gardening

Wisconsin Master Gardener program works with youth

And don't forget the importance of being kind to the earth and integrating green gardening techniques. This recommended reading list has lots of suggestions to get you started. The library just ordered a few "gardening with children" books that we'll add to the list.

Happy digging!

photo above courtesy of UW Extension.