Monday, June 13, 2011

Book Review: Leap Back Home to Me

Over the past year, the Water Library has enjoyed presenting story times to children in Wisconsin on a variety of water-related topics. Our favorite theme, by far, has been our readings about one of our favorite critters - frogs. It was with great anticipation that we opened a lovely new book today and read what may become a delightful addition to our story times.

In LEAP BACK HOME TO ME, Lauren Thompson presents the joy that frogs (and maybe children, too) feel as they grow in size and confidence. As the frog in our story leaps over many wonders of the world - from ladybugs to owl's nests to even the sun - it is secure in the knowledge that it can return home again to mom. At first glance, the text may seem simple. But the story engages children so they will sit in anticipation, wondering where our frog will go next. Matthew Cordell has illustrated the book with a keen eye toward the message of the story. The illustrations show the joy of the frog's adventure and the deep love our frog feels when reuniting with its mom.

The library is looking forward to integrating LEAP BACK HOME TO ME into its frog story time - we hope our littlest readers love it as much as we do.

Happy reading!