Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reflect on Wisconsin's Maritime Past

With commercially navigable waterways on three sides, Wisconsin has a deep maritime past. From the small Mississippi River ports of La Crosse and Prairie du Chien, to the much larger Great Lakes facilities at Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Duluth-Superior, Wisconsin residents have been sailing, steaming, and hauling goods over our water for generations.

As this year's shipping season closes and lake boats prepare for the winter layup, now is good time to reflect on Wisconsin's maritime history with resources available at Wisconsin's Water Libary and the University of Wisconsin's Digital Collection Center (UWDCC).

The Water Library maintains a number of recommended reading lists. Check out this one on Great Lakes Ships and Shipping.

UWDCC includes a collection and digital portal dedicated to Wisconsin's "proud and colorful" maritime history. Learn more on their Great Lakes Martime History Project here.