Thursday, May 14, 2009

Book Review: Dry Spring

Dry Spring: The coming water crisis of North America
By Chris Wood
Raincoast Books, 2008

Dry Spring is not just one more water crisis book. Author Wood is a veteran international journalist and presents scientific and environmental evidence of future countries' endurance against climate change. He takes isolated news stories about floods, storms, droughts, crop failures, or forest fires, and juxtaposes their implications against worldwide water shortage, oil use, war, and other human impacts. He focuses chapters on particular geographical regions, particularly Canada where he grew up. Chapter 5 Up in the Air: The Great Lakes' Uncertain Future is worth a Wisconsin resident's notice and the epilogue is full of useful tips for the future and what it may look like. To some the evidence presented by Wood may seem common sense, creating awareness is a top priority in producing change and long-lasting effects concerning this potentially devastating situation for humanity.

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