Monday, April 6, 2009

In the News

Senator Feingold introduces bill that would restore protections to Wisconsin waters

Legislation Essential to Protect Lakes, Rivers and Streams as well as Restore Great Lakes

Sen. Russ Feingold introduced the Clean Water Restoration Act in the U.S. Senate today, a bill intended to restore historic safeguards to wetlands, lakes and streams in Wisconsin and across the nation. Passage of the legislation is not only important to protect Wisconsin’s inland waters, it is also essential to restoring our Great Lakes.

“With 15,000 lakes, 32,000 miles of perennial streams, 5.3 million acres of wetlands, and 1.2 quadrillion gallons of groundwater, reinstating the Clean Water Act is vital for Wisconsin,” said Melissa Malott, water program director at Clean Wisconsin, the state’s largest environmental advocacy organization. “By reinstating safeguards that protect our water supply, this legislation protects our state’s economic health as well as the health of our residents.”

To see full article, click here. Posted on April 2, 2009 by Bayview Compass newspaper out of Milwaukee.