Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Book Review: Bodies from the Ice

Bodies from the Ice: Melting glaciers and the recovery of the past
By James M. Deem
Call number: 030840 Kids
Recommended for ages 10-15

"Melting glaciers is a frequent topic in today's headlines, and one that is explored on anthropological and environmental levels in James M. Deem's fascinating work. Explaining the scientific aspects of glacier formation as well as geographic conditions, Deem discusses how glaciers operate like "a giant conveyor belt-essentially a moving river of ice." With force and power, glaciers churn up, and turn up, mountain debris. This debris sometimes includes human remains that offer amazing insights into the past. From discoveries of an iceman in the Alps to ancient children of the Andes and the remains of native North Americans, Deem reveals how mysteries of human history are decoded from glacial meltings worldwide. Fascinating photographs complement the captivating narrative." -Description from UW-Madison's Cooperative Children's Book Center annual publication, Choices 2009, of book reviews for children and young adult literature.

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