Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter activities in Wisconsin

Looking out the window today here in Madison, one might question their ability to get through another Wisconsin winter. What will one do for recreation now that the snow is falling? Plenty! Ice fishing is just one hobby of the winterloving population across the Great Lakes region. Wisconsin's DNR has a section devoted to tips, reports, conditions and safety for ice fishermen and women. Included is a video from a devoted Monona Bay ice fisherman.

For more books on ice fishing, check out the Water Library's collection on the topic. We have books such as Fishing on Ice by Noel Vick, Hooked on Ice Fishing: Secrets to catching winter fish, beginner to expert by Tom Gruenwald, and Ice Fishing Secrets by Dave Genz, Al Lindner, and Doug Stange. Also, check out Let’s Go Fishing on the Ice by George Travis for the younger ice fishermen and women.