Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Book Review: Cajun Night Before and After Christmas

Cajun Night Before Christmas
By "Trosclair", edited by Howard Jacobs, illustrated by James Rice

Christmas down in the Louisiana Bayou isn't the quite the same: no snow and no reindeer. Instead, Santa Claus wears muskrat fur and has 8 alligators to pull his "skiff" from door to door. This adaptation of the Night Before Christmas is written in Cajun vernacular and the illustrations have a charm and Christmas spirit all their own.

Cajun Night After Christmas
By Jenny Jackson Moss and Amy Jackson Dixon, illustrated by James Rice

What do Santa and his alligators do after a long Christmas night of drifting in the swamps, delivering presents to the young children of Louisiana? This tale looks at one of Santa's alligators, Pierre, and his life on the 364 days after Christmas. His adventures include going to live with a family, finding love and marrying alligator Louise, and having children of his own. Every year, Santa stops by on Christmas night to catch up with his old pal and share the holiday spirit with Pierre and his family. Also written in Cajun vernacular with beautiful illustrations by James Rice.