Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Giving thanks

Last week, in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, we gave thanks to the Friends' of UW Madison Libraries for their recent grant to purchase books about environmental economics.

Some of the titles we purchase include:

Economic Valuation of River Systems by Fred J. Hitzhusen.

Environmental Economics for Watershed Restoration edited by Hale W. Thurston, Matthew T. Heberling, Alyse Schrecongost.

Environmental Economics: In Theory & Practice by Nick Hanley.

How big is your water footprint? by Paul Mason. 

Sustainable water use and management: examples of new approaches and perspectives edited by Walter Leal Filho and Vakur Sümer, Link.

Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective edited by Julia Martin-Ortega.

If you are interested in borrowing any of these titles, let us know. And if you have any suggestions for other acquisitions on social science, we'd love to hear from you. 

Please email us at askwater at