Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Review: Voices From The Sweetwater Seas: A Great Lakes Anthology

Would you like to dive down and explore the Leopard Frog Cave system near Tobermory, Ontario?
Attempt to break the speed record for the 600 plus mile trip from Chicago to Detroit?  

Or join a canoeist as he paddles more than 28,000 miles in one continuous journey?  

William F. Keefe has written profiles of Great Lakes adventurers who did all of these feats as well as 30 others who have accomplished remarkable environmental, artistic, recreational, or commercial achievements in the region.  Assembled as one anthology, Voices from the Sweetwater Seas is a welcome addition to our library's collection.
In informal interviews the subjects, men and women, Americans and Canadians, paint descriptions and relate narratives that show clearly, and sometimes poignantly, why the Lakes are a challenge, a means of making a livelihood, an esthetic treasure, a storehouse of wonders great and small, an inspiration, and a geologic miracle. (excerpt from book's back cover)
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