Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Library Journal's Best Books 2012: Science & Technology

Always on the lookout for good selections of science related reading, we are sharing some of Library Journal's Best "Science & Technology" Books for 2012.  Each of the books highlighted here are available to check out through the UW Catalog with the links provided.

Let us know your favorite science themed book!  We'd love to hear about them.

Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization by Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane
Explains how all designs in the world from biological life to inanimate systems evolve in a sequence of ever-improving designs that facilitate flow.
Available via UW Catalog:

The Song of the Ape: Understanding the Languages of Chimpanzees by Andrew R Halloran
Documents the astonishing experiences that inspired the author's work in chimpanzee communication.  Available via UW Catalog:

America’s Other Audubon  by Joy M. Kiser
America's Other Audubon chronicles the story of Genevieve Jones, her family, and the making of an extraordinary nineteenth-century book, Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio.
Available via UW Catalog:

Eating Aliens: One Man’s Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species by Jackson Landers
North America is under attack by a wide range of invasive animals. This adventure narrative describes Landers' quest to hunt twelve invasive animal species and turn them all into delicious meals.
Available via UW Catalog:

The Bluebird Effect: Uncommon Bonds with Common Birds by Julie Zickefoose
A wild bird rehabilitator and nature artist describes her painstaking efforts to rescue injured birds and her experiences when those birds come back to visit.
Available via UW Catalog:

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