Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Science Book Award Winners and Other Good Reads: Selected Reading List

"Dig" by Sadie Wendell Mitchell
Library of Congress
Who doesn't like a suggested reading list?  We certainly do!  The Science, Technology and Business Division of the Library of Congress has created a useful selected reading list of award winning science books.  Actually, they have offered three separate lists: Award Winners and Nominees, Books Written by Speakers in the Library of Congress Science, Technology and Business Division Lecture Series, and A Few Other Suggestions from the Past.

This Science Reference Guide also offers linked information about three notable science book awards:

The Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books (est. 1988)
The PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing Award (est. 2011)
The Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science (est. 1959)

Let us know if we can help you get your hands on any of the selected titles!

Access the entire Science Reference Guide and all three lists:
Library of Congress: Science Reference Guides Curl Up With a Good Science Book!