Friday, January 4, 2013

Western Waters Digital Library

Curious about what other libraries might offer water-related resources?  We recently discovered the Western Waters Digital Library. WWDL provides free public access to a wide range of significant resources on water in the Western United States including water literature, maps, government reports, legal transcripts, water project records, personal papers, audio recordings, videos, and photographic collections. These collections have been made available by research libraries belonging to the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) and numerous other academic library partners.

Some notable digital collections available via WWDL include:

Native American Water Rights in Arizona
A collection of federal government documents pertaining to the water rights of Navajo, Hopi, and Pima tribes in Arizona. (University of Arzona)

Las Vegas and Water in the West
This collection includes U.S. military and scientific surveys conducted to map a route for the transcontinental railroad, records exploring the feasibility of irrigating the desert for agriculture, and records regarding the construction of the Hoover Dam. (University of Nevada-Las Vegas)

John Muir Papers
Here you will find 75% of the extant papers of John Muir. (University of the Pacific)

John N. Cobb Photo Collection
Highlights 340 images ca. 1897-1917 of salmon and other local fisheries, whaling activities, clamming and oystering industries along the Pacific Coast and Alaska. (University of Washington)

There are hundreds more collections to consider.  Truly worth your time exploring and consulting for your future research.