Monday, January 24, 2011

New Dane County Partners for Recreation and Conservation Program

Dane County is encouraging communities and nonprofit organizations to submit applications with ideas for improving outdoor area recreation or natural resources. This new program, Dane County Partners for Recreation and Conservation (PARC), is aimed at creating "opportunities to not only enhance our quality of life but also bring in new tourism dollars and preserve valuable natural resources not found anywhere else" (Falk, Dane County Executive). This includes such initiatives as trail improvement and development, stream restoration, road widening for bike paths, or the expansion or addition of sports complexes.

This county assistance program was written into the 2011 county budget and supports up to $1 million dollars in funding to support proposals for enhancing recreation and conservation. Applications are currently being accepted. Detailed application information is available in the Channel3000 news release, as well as further information on the PARC program.