Thursday, December 2, 2010

Clean Marina Update

With the addition of five new marinas yesterday, a total of nine have joined the Clean Marina Program in the last five months. This program, initiated by a collaboration between the Wisconsin Sea Grant and the Wisconsin Marina Association, is meant to help marinas within the state take steps to better protect their natural resources. Voluntarily taking these steps, the marinas also become safer and environmentally friendlier places for all parties involved.

Yesterday's five new additions included The Abbey Marina (Fontana), Gaslight Pointe Marina (Racine), Lakeshore Towers (Racine), Manitowoc Marina and SkipperBud’s Reefpoint Marina (Racine). Beside the nine marinas that have already become certified, there are also several marinas that have pledged "to keep Wisconsin's waterways free of harmful chemicals, excess nutrients, and debris and commit to actively pursue designation as a Wisconsin Clean Marina" (Clean Marina website).

For more details on yesterday's event, see the UW Sea Grant press release.

Photo from the Wisconsin Marina Association website.