Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lake Superior National Estuarine Reserve

The State of Wisconsin nominated the freshwater estuary situated on the confluence of the St. Louis River and Lake Superior for consideration as the 28th National Estuarine Research Reserve in 2008. NOAA has been working with the reserve state partner, University of Wisconsin-Extension and others, to complete the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Management Plan for the proposed Lake Superior Reserve. The proposed site consists exclusively of public lands and waters owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, City of Superior, Douglas County and the University of Wisconsin. The site is a diverse complex of representative terrestrial and aquatic habitats that form a unique freshwater estuary where the St. Louis River empties into Lake Superior. Each of the four components identified as the preferred alternative are within close proximity to each other. The combination of components being considered will provide a wide range of estuarine research and public education opportunities and contribute to the national system of research reserves.

The Federal Register announcement for the Reserve appeared on September 3rd.

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For more information about the reserve (including a link to the Final Environmental Impact Statement), visit NOAA's website.

Photo credit: Pokegama River wetlands - Mike Anderson; from the NERR's website.