Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the News: Lake Delton is back

LAKE DELTON, Wis. -- The last time Bobbie Kochendorfer's family saw Lake Delton was about a year ago -- after the earth gave way and gravity drained the lakewaters into the Wisconsin River.

"You could walk anywhere," she said Monday. "And there was that muck. You know, that stinky muck?"

Several million dollars later, the lake is back, and so is Kochendorfer's family, enjoying the view from an amphibious Duck boat spewing diesel fumes and whoops of joy.

Since heavy rains washed out a berm holding the artificial lake back from the Wisconsin River last summer, engineers, town leaders and the Wisconsin state bureaucracy have moved tons of earth to restore this jewel of the Wisconsin Dells.

Article By James Janega at Chicago Tribune.

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