Thursday, February 5, 2009

Web resource: Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS)

The Great Lakes Observing System (GLOS) provides public access to critical, real-time and historical information about the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and interconnecting waterways for use in managing, safeguarding and understanding these immensely valuable freshwater resources. GLOS is intended to gather and integrate chemical, biologic and hydrologic data, and monitor lake conditions and trends over time.

A nonprofit GLOS Regional Association (GLOS-RA) governs and guides the system to ensure that stakeholder needs are met and that optimal information-gathering tools are in place and secure. GLOS is one of 11 regional associations within the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS), a multidisciplinary network led by NOAA to provide data required by decision-makers to address common societal goals. GLOS currently addresses these four goals:

* Improve predictions of climate change and weather and their effects on coastal communities and the nation;
* Improve the safety and efficiency of maritime operations;
* Reduce public health risks; and
* Protect and restore coastal ecosystems more effectively.

Check out GLOS's website, Great Lakes Information Network's (GLIN) Site of the Month.