Friday, January 23, 2009

Book Review: Project Earth Science: Physical Oceanography

Project Earth Science: Physical Oceanography
By Brent A. Ford and P. Sean Smith

The following description is taken from the introduction of the workbook:
"This project was designed to prepare middle school teachers to lead workshops on topics in Earth science. The book is divided into three sections: activities, readings, and appendices. The activities in this volume are organized under three broad concepts. First, students investigate the unique properties of water and how these properties shape the ocean and the global environment. Second, students perform activities investigating the complex systems that lead to the development of currents, waves, and tides. This section focuses on the interactions of wind, water, gravity, and inertia. In the third section, students study the impact that humans have on the ocean and the marine environment, particularly effects of pollutants.

A set of readings follows the activities. Some readings intended to enhance teacher preparation-or serve as additional resources for students interested in further study-by elaborating on concepts presented in the activities. Other readings introduce supplemental material so that teachers can connect science to broader social issues.

An annotated bibliography is included as Appendix B and is intended to serve as a supplemental materials guide. Entries divided into various categories: activities and curriculum projects; books and booklets; audiovisual materials; instructional aids; information and references; Sea Grant programs, and Internet resources."

Some examples of activities are:
Estuaries-Where the Rivers Meet the Sea
Won't You BB My Hydrometer?
Water-The Universal Solvent
Oily Spills

If you are a UW-Madison student, faculty, or staff, please request this book from MadCat. If you are a Wisconsin resident, please request it through Wisconsin's Water Library Web site book request.